Adjustable Shoulder Support Brace Strap Joint Sport Gym Compression Neoprene

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Have full support to maintain the stability of your shoulder when it has been injured. This shoulder brace provides firmness and compression support for injuries like sprains, shoulder dislocations, twist cuffs, frozen shoulders, and more. Compression helps increase blood flow, and support restricts unwanted movement, preventing injury and promoting recovery.

Our shoulder brace is great for active users, but can also be used to stabilize movement while you sleep, as a reminder not to lift or carry heavy objects with that arm.

Major Benefits:       

  • Slim profile designed to fit under your shirt with minimal visibility
  • Adjustable compression support relieves pain and increases circulation to ensure healing
  • Restricts against unsafe movements to promote healing and prevent re-injury
  • Secure adjustable fit

Allows you to carry it on the right or left shoulder. Highly adjustable, unisex, it comes in two sizes – fits most body types and shapes. A shoulder brace like this one can accelerates your recovery process (will help you in multiple stages of the rehabilitation process), and it will protect your shoulder from more injuries, provides compression.


  •   Customizable compression and Universal fit
  • Unisex style
  • Ideal for healing sporting injuries
  •  Ergonomic design and comfortable to wear
  • One size: 24-46 inch chest
  • Adjustable (one size fits most, not for kids)
  •  Soft Texture.
  • Neopreno Material

Designed to offer a painless recovery for both men and women. Use this shoulder brace to avoid any future wound, and continue playing the sports you love. Package Includes:1 x Shoulder Support Brace.



Right, Left

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