Bed Wedge Pillow Leg Elevation Back Lumbar Support Cushions

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Relieve discomfort and pressure by using a wedge pillow while you’re sitting or resting. The leg wedge pillow reduces pressure on the muscles, discs and back area, decompressing the back and allowing passive traction using the weight of your body, helping to prevent health problems with your spine, neck and shoulders.

A wedge pillow is the perfect bed piece for side sleeper, who usually struggle to get the right position for a good sleep. By using a wedge pillow for side sleep it will offer greater support to your neck and shoulders, allowing your body to fall into the perfect neutral position.

Major Benefits:        

  • Healthy sleep: By supporting the upper back and shoulders, the back support pillow promotes a better sleeping position.
  • Desirable inclination helps improve circulation
  • It is also very practical for pregnancy, helps to reduce nerve pain and leg numbness.

It can be used in a variety of scenarios, for example:         

  • Reading/Sitting
  • While watching television
  • In the bed or sofa

You can adjust where your head falls on the pillow, choosing between a subtle incline or sitting up higher when it feels right.


  •  Zero gap fitting
  • Cover designed with a zipper, easy to disassemble and keep clean for a long time.
  • Material: Sponge and Polyester Knit Cover
  • Dimensions: 50x25x15cm
  • Colors available: White and Blue
  • Soft high density memory foam

Sometimes our bedrooms can turn into a bit of an office space. If you’re sending emails before bed or working from home in the afternoon, you can place your wedge pillow on your lap and use it as a mini desk for your laptop or tablet.

Wedge pillows are designed to improve your comfort while you sleep, but they can also relieve the symptoms of numerous health issues!

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Support Pillow
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