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Take care of your knee after an injury with a proper knee support. A hinged knee brace like this is best for daily protection in workout or minor injuries.  Redistributes the weight-bearing load and increases the ability to perform your best during training and sports, helping decrease pain from day-to-day movement, which is no small feat.

It helps during physical activities: during exercise, doing sports or even for general knee pain; this hinged knee brace keeps the knee in place even during rigorous exercises such as walking, hiking, running and other sports. Maintains body heat to increase circulation and help ease pain.

Major Benefits:

  • Strong support and feel free to bend the knee without movement restriction.
  • Easy to Wear:Fit your knees in no minute
  • Breathable and  comfortable material
  • Perfect for a range of activities including Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Jogging, Crossfit, Dance, Hiking, Walking, Weightlifting, Yoga, and Zumba and more.

The hinged knee brace delivers compression to the soft tissue of the knee, offering both comfort and support, and the hinges on either side of the brace provide even more stability. The hinged knee brace offers moderate support, so it’s fit for daily use as well as more intense activities.


  • Double Side Spring Strings
  • Anti-Slip Design
  • Suitable for both right and left knees
  • Material: SBR, Nylon, OK cloth, aluminum alloy plate
  • Open Patella Stabilizer Design
  • Brace/Orthosis
  • Soft Texture

One of the biggest benefits is that it keeps the knee stable but still allows limited movement while healing.

Keep exercising and recovering at the same time!

Package Included:

  • 1 Piece of Knee Brace



M,  L,  XL,  2XL

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