Right / Left Wrist Hand Brace Support Carpal Tunnel Sprain Arthritis Gym Sports

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Provide stability and support to your wrist and thumb to ease pain caused by health injuries. It has a design that strengthens the support and stability of both wrist and thumb, and also promotes blood circulation. This Carpal Tunnel Brace guarantees the safety of your hands against extreme conditions. It will give your hands the maximum protection it deserves.

Ideal for daily movement and low impact activities. Intended for people suffering from sprains and, and for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome (Cts). Carpal Tunnel Brace help prevent injuries, especially gymnastics, tennis, soccer, basketball, soccer, volleyball and other sports, wrist affected by extreme conditions.

Major Benefits:

  • Safe and easy stretch to fit most wrist sizes.
  • Perfect support for everyday tasks, the elastic brace allows for a full range of motion while providing gentle compression support.
  • Ideal for arthritis, tendinitis, and repetitive stress injuries, the soothing brace relieves pain, wrist and thumb pain.
  • Exceptionally lightweight

Simple design for an easier way to get on and off. This ergonomic splint provides the support you need for your injured wrist during sleep or rest.


  • Soft Textures
  • Reversible design fits left and right wrists.
  • Adjustable, even fits the slimmest wrist
  • Brace/Orthosis
  • Neopreno material
  • Elastic and breathable
  • Washable and Durable
  • One Size
  • OK fabric, lint-free, can be used many times

A Carpal Tunnel Brace can also provide additional support during activities to protect your thumb from being injured. It is perfect for active users; this support is designed to keep you cool and comfortable!

Package Included:
1 X  Wrist Hand Brace

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