Silicone Gel Heel Socks Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

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Treat fasciitis with a practical and functional accessory. This plantar fasciitis sock stands out from other treatment options. With its ultra-soft material provides a gentle pull on the toes to stretch the calf muscle and soft tissues of the foot and ankle, supplying plantar fasciitis treatment. Ideal for heel pain as it gives relief from pain and pressure. Immediate protection and also helps create the ideal massage condition for all foot sizes by providing complete heel protection. Plantar fasciitis treatment socks use compression to gently apply pressure to aid in stretching out your plantar fascia ligaments in the center of your feet and ease pain and discomfort.

Major Benefits:

  •  Perfect for  running, Walking  and longtime standing.
  • Non-slip design allows it to stay in place while active.
  • Can be easily worn with stockings and high heels.
  • Arch support pad offers constant compression.
  • Silicone gel absorbs shock and protects the heel

Socks for plantar fasciitis treatment provide specific pressure and support to the arch of the foot to increase blood flow, by increasing circulation and relieve inflammation. These compression socks are designed for running, working out, hiking, or wearing during long flights to aide your circulation. They’re small and practical with washable fabric to be both durable and stretchy during intense activity.


  • Silicone material ( 3mm thicker silicone to provide more protection.)
  • Soft Texture
  • One Size
  •  Hand washable and Reusable
  • High elastic and comfortable material with breathable design
  •  Unisex

Seamless designs provide superior comfort, graduated compression supports and promotes better blood circulation.

Achieve dealing with fasciitis with a discreet and effective garment


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