Thumb Wrist Support Palm Brace Carpal Tunnel Arthritis Sprain Left Right Hand

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Reduce thumb or wrist pain and have better mobility in your hands. Perfect for speeding up your rehabilitation from injuries or fractures. Thumb and wrist supports can be extremely useful in the treatment of sports injuries, accidental injuries and workplace demands which affect these areas of the body.

This thumb brace offers full coverage on the thumb and wrist area to offer support without limiting movement. Help with various conditions: a thumb support can help with arthritis and other chronic conditions, but it is also very suitable for sprains, fractures or even soft tissue injuries to the thumb.

Major Benefits:

  • Helps relieve pain caused by a variety of thumb injuries.
  • Facilitates the recovery of injured muscle and joint tissue.
  • Adjustable straps make it comfortable to wear and fit most people.
  • Suitable for both left and right hands

Thumb Pain Relief – Can stabilize and support a weak or injured thumb joint. A thumb brace can help by keeping your wrist in a straight, neutral position. You may also find it helpful to wear a thumb brace like this during the day, especially during activities that trigger flare-ups. Repeated motions or extra strain on your wrist can make your symptoms worse. you should  wear a brace at work as well.


  • Neopreno Material
  • Adjustable straps
  • Suitable for both left hand and right hand
  • One size
  • Weight: 40g

Package Include:

  • 1* Wrist Brace
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